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Practice Natural PIGMENSHIP

October Departure 

*All Pigs $600-800
male or female any color 
*Neuter  w Vet Check $200
All Transportation & handling to your State from Florida$250
Small bag of food
Information Guidelines & Contract
New Kennel 

Complete Price

Neuter & Health Check
New Kennel
Small Bag of food
Buyer & Sellers Contracts
All information & guidleines
ONLY = $1000-1200

2 females
1 male 
All transportation & Shipping
New Kennel
Informational guidelines 
All Breeding rights 
out of state only 

Over 12,000 viewers 
from Aug to Sept

Pick up
male & female any color
October Pig 
25lb Bag of  Feed 
Neutered or Spay 
 Vet Check

Local Florida Delivery $20-70
New Kennel & Feed $50 

We are looking for Responsible - Honest future Pig Pet Owners. 
As of Sept 11th 2013 please respect our policy 'That we will provide our pigs to approved forever homes who are willing to understand & consider the welfare of becoming a pig parent & overall care.   All deposits & payments are non-refundable".  

Family comes first in our household Charity starts at home.  
If you can not afford a pet in your household - especially a pig.  Please reconsider buying a pig  "because you just have one" or you are "being an impulsive buyer" or "too make a quick dollar & flip our pigs"!!  

We the quality breeders make our passion look easy, have years of knowledge, time, money & hard physical work invested and some of us like our family have a heart & consideration for our pigs and their new environments.   

 We do not promote a handful of individuals re-selling our pigs to you the consumer. Or breeding our pig stock - that we have personally hand picked for pet only purposes - not as breeders.

It has come to our attention from many of our satisfied customers past & present that we are a target of personal (abuse) harassment.  We kindly appreciate our friends, followers - over 6 million viewer.  Enjoyed this same website that you are reading now since 2014. Unfortunately  these are false accusations - one sided story's from people who are Scamming us the Breeder/Seller: 

 *A.  New Pig Brokers as of June .   
They have sold and are currently selling "Our Pigs" for breeding stock & pets 
  These four pigs (in their care since 2-June & 2-July - three have already been resold) where purchased for their "family"  & for the children as pets.    
Not for re-sell purpose's.  
  We are now Understanding why these people placed a "rush pig order asap for two more pigs" pigs where only just born and days old (we do not allow any pig to leave our farm til at least 10 weeks & older - our policy  
  We believe that all our pigs should be happy , healthy and suitable to travel.  We can not predict  at a two - three days their future.  Natural causes sometime due occur. I can provide our clients with how many in a liter is born the colors & gender.  During the weeks that follow we keep in close contact with our clients of their selected pig(s) sending photos- giving updates - charting their pigs  social skills, growth, eating habits and health.   Every four  hours of monitoring our baby pigs for all party s involved at such a young age.    At the age of 7 weeks plus we can guareentee  their health & provide information on their progress in order for pigs to leave our farm that where in our 100% care.  
 We where told and made to believe that these people wanted more pigs for their children.  After they only just purchased & received four of our pigs. They even set us by mail numerous pretty hand drawn picture personalized from their children"I love them so much" Thank you for the baby pigs "The cutest little pigs I have ever seen" "I am already saving up with my sister - now i want one"  Hows that to tug on your heart.  Then they want to become breeders?  If not already - it is really non of my business.  After a verbal agreement made in the middle of July - for one blk & white -spot "male" pig & one gray & pink tone "female" pig - deposit sent within days & received - I was shocked that they sent all put $125 of the total for two pigs - we only every ask for 50% deposit.  But they where return customers so we only asked them for a 20% of the total.    We now know they must of had a   buyer for these pigs? Who sends almost full funds on a week old animal? .  They where aware that the pigs are only days old - we explained that we never sell pigs so young and we will closely monitor their pigs progress for the next couple of weeks - "but she just had to have them"  again we explaining we will have to keep them until the pigs are of age to travel.  We where a little perplexed at their rush order to buy  more pigs from our family and that they wanted to buy day old pigs.    Whats the rush? Then a flood of phone call from 8am to 11pm - questions on top of questions.  They admitted they where purchasing pigs closer to home and for dirt cheap - after they place an order for thiner two pigs and send us a deposit.  They then called  wanting their money back?  The first & second shipment of pigs where all healthy & fine.  They told us they sold one of the pigs that we personally hand picked for them  "sold - for big money" - I was just crushed.  We had expressed to them that in our hands was the orginal contract from their previous order the Bill of Sale for their purchased four pigs that states all sales are final- non refundable - no monetary amount will be refunded - no expect even upon death of a pig in our care.  However of course we are going to replace the perished piglet for another one.   They had also received a Pig information contract & our new blank Bill of Sale contract on the 22nd July. That we can not just give you your money back.  We had an agreement pigs where ordered & deposit received.
In the meantime only one of their rush order pigs "male" that they ordered for one of their children had perished at a couple of weeks old - due to natural causes.   
So here we go again ---- at least they have been reminded again verbally & via email & by mail their first signed contract of all of our policy & no refund policy.  
We told them the truth ASAP & that we will honor a replacement pig of equal or more value and we had provided them the options to chose one pig out of the four available - male or female?? (one luckily looks the same "per spot & color" to the one that perished and was a male). But it was completely up to them to select a new pig as a replacement. The beautiful little female they had already selected was wonderful and she is still a true Jem - named Jewel. We told them to take some time and let us know in a couple of days.  She had verbally accepted  our offer  (too understanding our no refund policy).  They both accepted our offer of a replacement pig for their pig they had selected that was still only a few (three) weeks of age when he had passed away.  Accidental Cause...mother pig laid on her baby male during the night. She agreed to two females - sisters (one from original order Jewel & very healthy).  Then they his wife order two more male pigs that he was unaware of on top of these females order. Then they wanted four pig.  Then they wanted a male and their original female.  We expressed to the husband that we just want to close the current two pig- their choice. But we need an answer - no more circles - that we can conclude/close our business - and get them their two pets.   After over 100 received only phone calls & 50 texts in less then 10 weeks our goal is to conclude this final sale and to not sell them future pigs. Especially after they kindly told us they had sold most of our pigs - using our wordage and "one was for sale for $1300" that they wanted to buy more to resale?  We are still holding four pigs for these people the pigs are old enough for departure.  After them filing a claim against us while we where convently out of the county " that they where aware we where taking our 79 year old mother away.--- - what do we do?  After all their treats - all their abuse- harrassement slander - who scammed who?  Not the size the price. I have four pigs on hold to conclude and resolve our business with - over 100 pages of information on my files.  And they are still advertising our pigs they bought form us.  
At this time - We have the "Right of Refusal" to decline all future sales to Kansas City.  
*B. New Pig Breeders as of Aug  After two appointments (one apt  two hours late) - many hours of telephone conversations, informing them of our policy's & understanding fee's, personally visiting our pigs & parents, pig knowledge, them personally selecting their forever pet pig.  They "point blank" refused to acknowledge our policy to have him neutered.  When we questioned why after.... numerous unique reasons - they admitted that this pets purpose was to use as a future breeder - for the same price of $400. Using this pig to future stud their recently rescued female pigs they got for free around Florida. We asked them to reconsider neutering (due to their outgoing lifestyle - an unfixed animal is not suitable should around the public or children  at evens & their strict budget for a pet only & to not breed rescue pigs).  For them to get back to us within 48 hours to resolve our concerns or we will decline selling them our product.  They did a week later - but all over the Internet .    We have the "Right of Refusal" to decline all future pig sales - declining their pet pig to be neuter or spay in Florida.
These type of people "Just want to make a quick dollar 0r become a quick  breeder" Or "A true Pig expert at someone expense".  
Life lesson - people who have made a commitment as a buyer can not go around harassing - giving false accusations about sellers  (no matter how bad) or what the item.  What gives the buyer the right to change their mind after an agreement that has been agreed upon or a demand a refund on a deposit of item of sale & foliate their agreement.  All Because the buyer found a cheaper product, or can not flip the pig or they lack professional pig information as the seller, or is not follow our policy as pre-provided.   
It all sums up to not being able to afford their Wants- a pig is not a want or need in life it is a luxury.  
  We have proudly been around since 2006 with only two issues.  Any one can tell you by Being a breeder of any animal is not an overnight hobby.  The way you know if we are legitimate is visiting our pigs in person.   It takes years of experience & knowledge, time, f, responsibility and loving heart for animals.  

This is why we like to over educate our potential buyer.  Is a pig really the right pet for your family, lifestyle and budget.  All our pig Buyer are pre provided guidelines, overall care, our pig policy, Seller & Buyer Contracts before any pig departs from our farm. It is your choice to choose to continue with our process - after you have acknowledged all our provide information - verbally or literally.

After reading all this - if you are interested in a great small product - our size of our product is clearly not the issue!!  

Free t-shirt for your time reading this - 1st 100 for your inconvience 
We are normally Drama Free and our sales have only increased due to all the attention

Only by visiting your new pet can you see for yourself - what you are buying.  

Please after viewing our website YOU will see & read that we have nothing to hide.  I would prefer that my family is safe from cruel people than to make a sale.  This is why I am keeping my head high and sleeping at night.   
We have been providing a five star customer service and quality premium products all over the World since 1880...from Generation & Decades.. Our family are all educated professionals and successful business entrepreneurs  who main objective in life is family & health.  
True Quality is in the product 
Not the words of a liars.
Our company is focused on providing high-quality service and our rewarded Five Star customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your Expectations.
True Designer Tea Cup Pet Piggy's.
Fun for all ages to enjoy. 
"Smarter than a Dog & cleaner than a Cat" 
Sold to you from a quality USDA Certified & Regulated annually Pig Breeder's 
 Clean & Professional.
Tea Cup Piggylicious has a variety of pet piggy's to choose from: Available for your convenience - 
All year around. 
Pigs do Fly ! 
From Daytona Beach, Florida to an Airport near your location. 
We Ship Coast to Coast & Canada.
Offering our Florida piggy chauffeur service for delivery's in Florida
  Ask about our FREE Piggy Starter Kit with your Purchase
AUG 2nd 2013
Smallest of litter - Very Smart & Small
Naturally Weaned - Eating Solid Food
Potty Trained - Gives Kisses 
Please Feel Free to Contact
 Us Directly
For all Prices & Information
If you are in the area please make an appointment to 'meet & greet' our piggy parents, baby's and view samples of our past piggy litter's.  We're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any new piggy parenting questions or concerns,
By you talking with one of expert piggy consultants "one on one" - we can personally match the right personality of one of our deluxe pet piggy's with you & your family's lifestyle.
  Piggy match made in Tea Cup Heaven.
We hope to see you again!
Check back later for new updates to our website.
There's much more to come! Upon request we will be able to provide you with Fresh photo's & available now pigs ! 
Beauty Queen
10 Weeks old in photo
She is currently living in MI, USA.  With her new loving Family !
Piglet Prices Do Range 
$400 up to Thousands
Please let us know what Budget you are working with.  To find the right Piglet for You & Your family to; Acquire Today 
 & Cherish Pig Memories Forever !
We do too offer Payments plans - with free piggy boarding for the first month.. 
We are here to help all our potential piggy buyers to find exactly what you are looking for.  We have been educating our community, youth groups - schools, private family's, out reach programs for years.  We too are so happy to be assisting - educating Vets, Vet Tech, other Pig Breeders and large groups all over the USA about our amazing small product. 
 We are honored to provide you with all of our years of knowledge, research and honest information. 
The Only True Tea Cup
Piggy Specialist  
Over 6 million Viewers on our Designer Pigs
And remember our family is only a phone call away to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  We may be granting you a new baby - but we are still  your new additions Proud Grandparents.  Here for listening, guidance & longevity.
Just Born New Arrival of Little Baby Tea Cups
Available "NOW" for
Delivery - Pick up - Flight Approved
  •  Baby's - Naturally weaned 
  • Teenagers - trained
  • Adult Males - Neutered
  • Potential Future Breeder Pairs
  • Piggy Bankers
  • Adult Proven Suds
  • Adult Mummy Breeders
All colors of the rainbow & unique markings Pink - Pink with peach highlights -Pink with angel wing patterns over eyes - light tone Hazel, brown, blue, ice colored eyes - All onyx black - Black with white socks - Black & White with  Dalmatians spots & patterns - Copper & Copper with spot & much more
Excellent Small Potential Breeder Sets
Father, Mother, Past Sister 2 years on Property for you to see
::::BUYERS   NOTE::::
Due to our high demand for our wonderful produce, excellent customer service, repeat & referrals customers, new single & family's purchases, pet store & pig-modeling  interests and our special payment plan programs
 Our piggy stock changes daily
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