TeaCup Piggylicious Inc. - Company Message
Pet Pig Prices Start at
*$400 & up ....
*FREE Gift with Pig Purchase
All of our pet Piggy are sold to you with our FREE Piggy Starter Kit for your convenience
A bag of their current pig pellet food, your baby's piggy blanket, potty pee pee pads, our specially formatted piggy informational & how to care pig manual & maintenance schedule.  We will too provide you and your family with our amazing detailed 30 minutes new parenting educational class.  If you have any questions !! Ask away -via phone or in person.  For all of our new piggy clients in the USA & Canada - you can have a peace of mind - with our on call piggy hot line for your pets welfare. For all emergancys please call your local veterinarian. 
Please Note additional fee's for Handling & Shipping & Transportation Due apply Per Pet: 
Extra Transportation Fee's
$20 to $280
*Plane Ticket and/or chauffeur service from Dayton Beach, Florida to an airport near your location with our guareenteed - insured flight
*In state Florida Piggy Chauffeur Service from our farm 
*New Carry kennel
*In Flight supply package
*Pre-farm departure pig pamper package
*All your piglets transportation scheduling with flight itinerary
*Notoriaztion of buyer contracts/ paperwork
*One on One "desensitization" or "blueprinting"
*Sample of current solid food
**Flight Information
We ship all of our pets via Delta insured flight from Daytona Beach,Florida to an airport near your locations.  We will schedule all of your pets arrangements for flight. Our family will Personally transport your new pet to the airport, hand check them in with lots of hugs and kisses for their flight to you. We ship our pets in new - reinforced (hardware) carry cage for their protection.  Your piggy will too receive our deluxe pre-flight hydrated bath & relaxing massage and special departing meal for their early morning departure.
For all of our locals in Florida who would like to meet & greet our Piggy parents, past litters and our deluxe petting zoo.  Please make an appointment - we would love to see you at our beautiful farm.
"Educational Clinic's
$50  = New Parenting Piggy Owner's Class
$150 = Tea cup Pig Potential Breeders
Fun for all ages.  Educational  new piggy parenting information on your future pet in your care.  All you need to know about owning and breeding teacup pets, overall maintenance,  suggested diet, housing, piggy guidelines and more.  Credit for our private classes will be credit towards your purchase of one of our deluxe pets.  Class are available in person on our farm "Meet & Greet" & via telephone or email correspondence. 
Florida Pig Boarding
Offering our services for your pig while you are on vacation.  Call for rates -must provide current vet heath check & shots
Pig Palaces
Wonderful new pig houses - custom made for your pet pig.  All custom made and designed for your pigs need.
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